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January  20, 2005















8/2/14- Newburg Hopewell Volunteer Fire Company went to the cumberland vally firemans convention parade and places first in best engine with ENG.251






7/2/14- Tanker 151 was dispatched for a house fire at 4381 Roxbury rd. Tanker 151 was placed in service while enrout.



5/9/14- The tankers were dispatched at 1323 hrs for the inside gas leak at 200 Airport Rd. Tanker 251 responded and staged per command 52, no services needed.



4/26/14- At 1702 Engine 251 responded to the area of 2 E Main St for a motorcycle accident. Arrived on scene with 2 motorcycles involved. Crews attended to the patients and requested 2 helicopters. Engine 151 handled the landing zone to the rear of the station.


4/24/14- At 1446 hrs crews were dispatched for a brush fire at the 200.5 WB mile marker on the PTP. Engine 251 arrived on scene with an approx 20x80 area involved. Crews stoppend the fire from spreading and wet the area down.



4/20/14- At 1027 Engine and Rescue 51 was dispatched for a tractor tailer accident at the 201 EB mile marker of the PTP. Engine 151 and the Rescue responded and arried on scene with 2 tractor trailers in a rear end collision. Crews checked on patients and checked on hazards. Crews located a broken off fuel filter that was actively leaking. Command requested SQ54 for hy-dry, crews worked and got the leak stopped and contained the hazard.



3/28/14- Tanker company 51 dispatched for a possible house fire at 50 Short Ln. Tanker 251 responded and was placed in service by command 52. Later that evening the tankers were dispatched again for a field fire on Brandy Run Rd. Tanker 151 was placed in service while enrout by command 47.



 3/22/14- Co 51 was dispached to a brush fire possibly involving a shed. Co51 responded and arived to find a small brush fire moving towards a shed. Crews quickly extinguished the fire and went available.



3/13/14- Co 51 was dispached for a covered bridge fire. Eng 151 arrived on scene and found normal conditions, upon further investigation was found that someone did a burn out in the bridge causing the good intent call.



  3/04/14- Co51 was dispached for a turck fire at 177 Fairview Road. Upon arrival Eng 151 and Tanker 251 found 1 vehicle with fire in the engine compartment crews put out fire and went availble.




Photos By Denny Clopper




  3/3/14- The members at newburg held their annual fasnacht day. Thanks for all the members that helped and the people that orderd fasnacht.




 2/24/14- At 2151 Eng 151 and 251 responded with Co. 52,53,54 and Amb 5-73, to a single famly ranch style home found normal conditions form side A. With further investigation found fire from the chimney on side C. Crews went to work and streched a hand line to the rear for protection and checked for extention units went available at 2251 hrs.



 2/24/14- Tankers from 51 were dispatched for a house fire. Tankers 151 and 251 responded and were placed in service by command 11.



  2/13/14- Tanker Co 51 dispatched for a house fire. Tanker 251 staged  and Tanker 151 filled up Eng 13-. Both tankersw were3 then placed in service.            




  2/12/14- Co 51 was dispatched for a seach detail. Crews were requested for lighting and                                manpower.                                                                                      



  1/25/14 At 1707 R51 was dispached for a trouble breathing R51 responded and assited with vitals and patient loading R51 went available at 1738.



  1/24/14 At 1258 Eng 251 R51was dispatched for an MVA upon arrival Eng 251 found 1 vehicle into a pole Eng crew took control of hazards and assisted Amb 73 with patient care.





  1/18/14 At 1221 Co 51 dispached of a sick person R51 responded and assisted Amb 4-73 with patient care and loading Co 51 went avaliable at 1241



  1/12/14 At 1902 Co 51 disptached for seizures. U51 responded and assisted with patient care and loading                            



  1/12/14 At 1633 Co 51 was dispatched for a transfer to Co 52, Engine 151 responed with four. While enroute to the transfer

command 52 request Eng 151 to the scene to help with overhaul. Engine 151 arrived on scene and went to work on divsion 2 for overhaul.





 10/14/2013-  At 1142 hrs Co51 was dispatched to the area of 6315 McClays Mill Rd for the MVA. Crews arrived to find occupants out of the vehicles. Amb 11-8 handled patient care while Engine 251 crews secured the vehicles. Just after clearing that accident we were hit out for a second crash at the intersection of Ridge Rd//Oakville Rd. Amb 2-47 arrived on scene with a 2 vehicle collision. Engine 251 crews assisted with cleaning up debris.





Photos By Denny Clopper




9/10/2013-  A busy day for Newburg started out at 0255 hrs with a D8 Dozer fire at the Cumberland County landfill. Units arrived with fire in the engine compartment. Second run of the day was to the 800 blk of Oakville road for an unknown injury crash at 0457 hrs. Engine 251 arrived on scene with one vehicle into a ditch patient self extricated. Run number 3 started out at 1742 hrs and was to the intersection of Clugston Rd//Oakville Rd. E251 arrived with 2 vehicles one still in the roadway. A247 requested ari medical to the area and Rescue 47 handled the LZ. Last call of the day was a med local to the 200 blk of Newburg Rd.



 9/9/2013-  Engine 51 was dispatched to the area of 1100 Roxbury Rd to set up a LZ for Life Lion due to a police incident. Once cleared they were requested to stage at the Upper Mifflin Twp building for the remainder of the incident.



9/5/2013-  Both thankers were dispatched to 20575 Hammond Road for the working barn fire. The engine company was later dispatched to fill the box. Both tankers and Engine 151 responded to assist. While enrout Engine 151 went out of service mechanical and the tankers hauled a total 30,000 gallons of water.




Photos By Brian Denham




8/18/2013-  At 2049 hrs Co 51 was dispatched for approx 10 gallons of gasoline spilled at the Blue Mtn. Service Plaza. Units applied hydry and prevented the gas from getting into the storm drain.






7/19/2013-  Both tankers were alerted for the house fire in the 12-02 box. Both responded and were placed in service while enrout.





Photos By Denny Clopper




6/23/2013-  Company 51 and Franklin County Eng11-2 were dispatched to 9085 Newburg road for vehicle into a barn. E251 responded and arrived on scene with the confirmed dispatch.




Photos By Denny Clopper









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