Newburg-Hopewell Volunteer Fire Company

Dedicated to primarily serving the residents, employees, visitors, and those traveling within the Borough of Newburg and Hopewell Township. In addition; our primary “first-due” coverage also includes a several-mile section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and portions of North Newton /and/ Upper Mifflin Townships, along with areas of Lurgan Township in Franklin County. To further enhance public safety; we also provide ‘Mutual Aid’ Responses to assist our other surrounding departments on incidents in their areas.

About Us

Our primary goal is to serve the citizens and community in an effort to help minimize the loss of life and property. We are an all-volunteer fire company; with a fleet of apparatus to include an engine primarily equipped for fire suppression incidents. An “Engine/Rescue” unit that is primarily equipped with Rescue and vehicle extrication tools. Also (2) Tankers, a Brush truck, a Traffic-Control unit, and a utility pickup.

On June 24th, 1957 the first meeting of the Newburg-Hopewell VFC was held. Chairperson Leroy Scott was instructed to inquire into getting a charter for the company (it was interesting to note that they discussed getting an alarm or siren, and also a building to house equipment yet to be bought). After a long discussion on securing fire equipment, the Chairperson appointed a committee for the purchase of fire equipment. This committee was comprised of Kenneth Coleman and Erby Weller. A committee to write the constitution and bylaws was also appointed, this committee was comprised of Glen Shoap, Harry Stouffer, and Eugene Gardner. It was also decided to conduct a survey of the residences in Hopewell Township and to make a note of the water supply sources available. this was to be done to see if the people were in favor of a fire company. At this time the company was just talk. To many, it might have been hard to understand there was as it seems to be the problem of money and a place to store the equipment if it was purchased. For the remainder of the year, Kenneth L. Scott would serve as President, Luther Baker would serve as Secretary, and Charles Gardner would serve as the Treasurer.

  On July 8th, 1957 the second meeting of the Newburg-Hopewell VFC was held. It was decided not to be in a hurry to get the charter. We now made the most important decision to go ahead and have a company. A few members had an estimate on a concrete block building 28′ X 40′ one-story building without the cost of a roof. This figure was $1000.00. The roof and rafters would cost $900.00. (Two points of interest were presented, the Civil Defense would go 50/50, and that the Letterkenny Army Depot would have a truck for sale on July 24). A vote was then taken to place the firehouse on the “Green” (An open lot located on the square of Newburg with trees and grass). It passed 17 to 5. Those who voted “no” wanted in noted that the “Green” was put there as a place of beauty and not for a building.

On July 12th, 1957 the third meeting was held. Mr. M. Garfield Barnour from Shippensburg gave us some advice about the organization of a fire company. Mr. Barbour said it would be an uphill climb and pointed out the money angle. He also talked about the difficulty other companies had with the Civil Defense when trying to buy equipment. He volunteered to help us in any way he could. the company received permission from the Town Council to hold a fair or festival on the “Green. The date of August 23rd was selected.

On August 5th, 1957 the next meeting was held. A vote was taken, if we folded, we would give any money from the fire company to the churches of the community. this was probably the only time the company was not operating in the “Red”. We had not purchased any equipment or had any expenses, but had received some donations.

On September 2nd, 1957 the next meeting was held. A vote to buy a chassis and cab from Letterkenny was passed. The company would have to find a truck. Kenneth Coleman talked about a smaller truck for general purposes for about $100.00, but it was voted not to buy it. The committee for the alarm system reported it would cost about $1000.00 and the Civil Defense would pay half of it. This meeting was the real start of the company since the Charter was started and a committee was formed to discuss the Recreation Officers of the Town to share their building (The present location of the station, a former two-room school house).

September 30th, 1957 Attorney McIntosh from Carlisle gave a talk about applying for a certificate form the State for a Non-Profit Association. I was moved and passed that we purchase a service truck from Letterkenny. A siren was donated by Kenneth Coleman and Kenneth Scott. This is the first time any thought was given to buying the school building from the Recreation Association. Harry Stouffer was to contact Mr. Harold Shields of the Recreation Association to see how much they wanted for the building.

October 14th, 1957 the name Newburg-Hopewell VFC became official.

November 14th, 1957 Clifford Swope and Charles Gardner picked up the 1952 GMC Ambulance at Letterkenny. The price was $100.00. This would be our first truck.

December 9th, 1957 Elections were held and our first President appointed was Kenneth Scott and the first Fire Chief appointed was Clifford Swope. A vote was passed to write to the Reedsville Fire Company and offer them $3100.00 for their engine. A secret ballot was held to approve the $3100.00 needed to buy the engine since the money had to be borrowed to make the purchase. This rig was a 1946 American LaFrance with a V-12 motor, a 500 gpm pump, and a 450-gallon booster tank. This would be our first engine.

February 6th, 1958 The Recreation Association would sell the building to us for the sum of $2000.00.

March 6th, 1957 A committee was appointed to purchase a cab, chassis truck, and a water tank.

 May 1st, 1958 A vote to purchase 500′ of 2.5″ supply hose and 300′ of 1.5″ attack line was passed. The cost of the hose was $1050.00.

July 3rd, 1958 A 1949 Ford chassis was purchased for the sum of $200.00.

August 7th, 1958 A vote passed to purchase a heating plant for the station.

August 25th, 1958 A special meeting was held to add an addition onto the west side of the station to house the heating plant and a kitchen. A new rope was ordered for the bell on top of the station which was used to alert members of a fire call.

September 16th, 1958 The kitchen and furnace room were started.

October 2nd, 1958 A vote was passed to buy 6 coats without liners at $20.00 each and 6 pairs of rubber boots at $16.00 per pair.


    In 1958, President Leroy Scott appointed William Heberling and David Burd fire police for the company. The Newburg-Hopewell Special Fire Police was organized in 1960 by the following persons:

Bruce Tyler                  Glenn Myers

John Gipe                    James Powell

Harold Grove               Donald Pyne

Hughie Laughlin         Cloyd Robinson

Robert Mowery

   This organization was formed for the purpose of providing police services during emergencies and special events in the Newburg area.

Besides handling emergencies, the special police also volunteer by helping with the following events:

Egg Hunt                        Spaghetti Supper

Rural Life                        Craft Fair

Money Drawing             Tree Lighting

Newburg Trick or Treat

        The Newburg-Hopewell Special Fire Police is an all-volunteer organization and they do not get paid for their services.


The first fire call was for an accident.

Fireman’s Relief & Women’s Auxiliary was formed.

The first house fire April 18th at Lawrence Wagner’s home in Mowersville.

Purchased a portable light plant for $75.00.


Fire Police Organized.

Hosted Cumberland County Convention with speaker L.L. Paior of the Fire Marshal’s Office and former resident of Newburg.

Siren mounted on the roof of the fire station.

Purchased SCOTT Airpacks.


July 6th Barn Fire at Harry Rhone’s

November 1st – House Fire with the loss of 5 lives.

Membership up to 160 individuals.


   Another Tanker was built from a 1960 Chevy chassis for $2500.00. Allied Tank Truck Equipment Co. built a tank for $3460.00 and a front-mounted pump was added for $1745.00.


   We bought a 1956 Ford chassis for $800.00. This was a former lime-colored truck and already had a PTO installed. A used pump was donated by Swope’s Junk Yard from a wrecked fire engine. (these units were placed into service in February 1970).

SINCE 1966

   We have grown to a station serving Newburg Borough, Hopewell Twp, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Upper Mifflin, North Newton, Southampton Townships in Cumberland County, and Lurgan, Letterkenny Townships in Franklin County. We currently have 2 Engines, 1 Tanker, and 1 Rescue. Our station has grown to include a bunkroom. We average around 250 fire and EMS calls a year. Our coverage area is about 150 square miles and consists mostly of farm, residential, and mountain areas.

Our Social Room


The Room Can Hold Up to 150 People and Parking is Available


A Projector, Podium, Dry Erase Boards, and PA System

Convenient Amenities

Tables and Chairs, a Small Kitchenette With a Refrigerator, Coffee Maker, Microwave, etc.

Social Room is Available for Rent.

Call (717) 423-6313 to Obtain More Information and Pricing

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